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We are a professional industrial assemblies supplier from East China.
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  Competitive Price、High Quality、Excellent Service、Short Lead Time in Product Development.
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  Jason Lim
CIC North America Corp
5410 Newport Drive Suite 40
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
PH: (847) 873-0860 Fax: (847) 873-0867
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- Valve, Pump, Meter Components
- CNC Machining
- Stamping parts
- Brass parts
- Castings

About us
China Industry Components Co., Ltd.
China Industry Components Co., Ltd located in Nanjing, East China, about two hours drive away from Shanghai harbor. We are a manufacturer and supplier of industrial components including valve parts, pump parts, castings, forgings, stampings, CNC
machining parts, etc.
Besides the standard component items, CIC can manufacture custom mechanical parts according to your design or sample. We have a trained engineering staff ready to take your requirements, translate, convert to metric and manufacture according to your standards and specifications. CIC is ISO9000 certified and we can manufacture to TS16949, SPC, UL and PPAP quality standards to name a few.
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How much can we expect to save by sourcing from China?
You can expect to save about 15-40%. Since the manpower cost is low in China, sourcing from China will help you save on...More Info >>
What is the general process of sourcing in China? We can make it easy!
Sourcing from China is relatively easy. Simply send your inquiry, and we will handle the rest. The general process is...More Info >>
What is your quality level and supply capability?
All of our manufacturing plants are ISO9000 certified. We are implementing ISO/TS16949 quality systems and are...More Info >>
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