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      About Us

      CIC North America Corp. is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial components, our products lines include valve parts, pump parts, castings, forgings, stampings, CNC machining parts, etc.
      CIC can manufacture custom mechanical parts according to your design or sample. We have a trained engineering staff ready to take your requirements, translate, convert to metric and manufacture according to your standards and specifications. CIC is ISO9000 certified and we can manufacture to TS16949, SPC, UL and PPAP quality standards.
      We work closely with around 40 strong manufacturers of the above mentioned product lines from East China. Our mission is to help our international customers reduce the purchasing costs by 20-40% with our high quality good price components from China, to increase our customer's profit level and market competitiveness significantly.

      E-mail: jlim@cic-na.com